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10 Remodeling Projects That Add Big Value to Your Home

You may have heard that remodeling your home is an excellent way to add value to the property. Those looking to improve their properties, preparing to sell, or wisely watching their investments should consider making some smart changes. In fact, there are a few specific projects that can dramatically increase the resale value of your home, so much so that you can recoup—or get back—the initial costs of the project.
Thanks to research compiled by CBS News, these are the wisest ways to remodel your home. Keep in mind, though, that these statistics are based on professional improvements—projects that Atlanta general contractors can undertake.

Two-Story Addition

While adding virtually any square footage to your home will add value, the best way to recoup your investment is with a two-story add-on. With a return on investment of 71.8%, it may be time to consider an additional bedroom, bathroom, and living space.

Bathroom Remodel

Realtors know that bathrooms can make or break a sale. Modern flooring, appliances, and fixtures are vital to an attractive bathroom that is also comfortable and useful. There is a 74% return on investment (ROI) for dramatic bathroom remodels.

Finished Basement

With an ROI of 77.6%, finishing your basement should be more than a dream project. Turn it into a “man cave,” indoor bar, or studio apartment to give a child some independence.

Wooden Window Frames

For a 79.3% ROI, you can modernize and highlight your windows with detailed and sophisticated wooden frames. Like curtains, window frames have a dramatic effect on a room.

Kitchen Updates

Remodeling your kitchen does not require you to tear out every trace of cabinetry and appliances and start from scratch. Atlanta remodeling companies can do more finessed and delicate work than that. For example, updating your countertops and light fixtures can result in an 82.7% ROI.

New Garage Door

Remodeling contractors in Atlanta can take on more than a structural change to your home. Take a minor project like a new garage door, for instance. This small, speedy switch can result in an 83.7% ROI.

Finished Attic

Finishing your attic as a study space or media room can dramatically increase the value of your home due to an increase in usable square footage. Specifically, converting the attic into an additional bedroom can result in an 84.3% ROI.

Fiber Cement Siding

This durable and attractive siding material can improve the value of your home due to its long-lasting handsomeness and resistance to wear, hence an 87% ROI for this remodeling project.

Wooden Deck

The perfect welcome mat to the great outdoors, a wooden deck addition can result in an 87.4% ROI. Use your deck to cook, entertain, and relax.

Steel Front Door

This may seem like a surprising top choice, but as it stands, there is no better way to invest your home remodeling budget than in a durable, secure, and attractive steel front door. A 96.6% ROI means that you will recoup virtually every dollar you spend on this project. Thankfully, working with expert remodeling contractors in Atlanta does not have to be very expensive to begin with and results improvements you can instantly see and feel.

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