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4 Common Home Improvement Myths

Your home is important. It is your oasis from the world; but, sometimes, in order for your home to function properly, it needs a bit of help. Home improvement runs that gamut from small, cosmetic changes to major renovations. If your vision for your home falls in the “major renovation” category, you have likely heard or read a number of myths about home renovations and Atlanta home improvement contractors. Here are 4 of the most common myths you can stop worrying about right now.

Plan Ahead?

Myth #1—You need to have a renovation plan completed before contacting a contractor. Not true. In actuality, your contractor can be a your most valuable resource in developing your home improvement plans. Quality contractors know their business. They see a lot of homes and are a reservoir of ideas about home function and design. Atlanta general contracting services can also provide you with good references to other subcontractors who can help you get the details of your job just right. If you have a broad idea of what you would like to accomplish, you are ready to get a contractor involved.

DIY Saves Money?

Myth #2—You can save money by doing it yourself. Also not true. No matter how simple the job may seem, you can bet it is more complicated than it looks. Professionals can actually save you time and money. Why? Professionals have access to the best equipment. The wrong equipment can ruin a job. Professionals have experience. They have done this more than once and have the benefit of being farther along the learning curve, improving both quality and speed. Professionals also have a greater ability to solve problems. Every construction job involves a surprise or two. Maybe the pipes are in the wrong place or the doorframe is a non-standard size. Whatever happens, you are likely to save money and time dealing with the surprise by using a professional.

Add Resale Value?

Myth #3—Home improvements add resale value to your home. Not necessarily. Some can, but in general, most homeowners never recoup the costs of a remodel 100%. Here are some general things to consider. First, if you are thinking of selling, a remodel is likely not a good idea. Buyers gravitate towards homes that are clean and well-maintained, not necessarily homes that are freshly remodeled or redecorated. Cleaning up is your best home improvement. If you are going to be in your home for a while, consider remodeling projects that will help you enjoy your home more and add value to you and your family. Do you need a home office? Does your family need more space? Would you like a new kitchen or a more spacious master bath? If you temper these desires with the realities of what you can afford and the overall values in your neighborhood, you won’t go wrong.

Follow Current Trends?

Myth #4—You can’t go wrong by following the current trend. So, so not true. Remember pickled oak? Avocado green kitchens? If anything, the opposite is true. Stay away from the ultra-trendy. Go with colors, styles and materials that have staying power. You don’t want to do this again in 10 years.

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